Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Old Ritualists in photos


  1. Father, what do you know about these Old Ritualists? Their website indicates they are within the Moscow Patriarchate, but they serve the same Liturgy as the Old Believers?

  2. There are many groups of Old Believers/Ritualists in Russia and around the world, some in communion with the rest of Orthodoxy and some not (though I do not know anything about the sizes of each camp). From what I can gather, the English/Russian terms for each group are Old Believers (Starovery) and Old Ritualists (Staroobriadtsy), and only the latter are referred to as Edinoverie (Единоверие) and are in communion with Moscow. Among Orthodox in the West at least, "Old Ritualist" seems to have become the more polite usage for all the above since the differences are no longer seen to be 'schismatic' - I would assume that is not the opinion of those Old Believers not in communion with Moscow and the rest of Orthodoxy.