Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remembering Holodomor

(RISU) - Holodomor - it's not a play on another well known similar sounding word. Its meaning is uniquely Ukrainian, as is the experience that gave origin to the word. The word HOLODOMOR is a literal combination of two Ukrainian words: holod meaning starvation, and moryty meaning to kill. HOLODOMOR - to kill by starvation - defines a horrific tragedy in the history of mankind: the genocide committed against the Ukrainian people by the Soviet regime in 1932 - 33 as authorized by its leader Josef Stalin. Early estimates of the death toll resulting from the Holodomor — people who died "before their time" were "conservative" according to renowned historian James Mace, author of the groundbreaking review of this historical event "Famine and the Nationalism in Soviet Ukraine". Current estimates based upon an analysis of recently revealed Soviet census data suggest, "that no fewer than ten million men, women and children perished"; 10 million people who died from forced starvation during a period of abundant harvest in their homeland, a country known as the Breadbasket of Europe.

Apologists of totalitarian dictators would have you believe that what occurred in Ukraine in the years of 1932-33 was a famine of large proportion due to a drought. And for decades, information about the HOLODOMOR was repressed and denied by the Soviet regime despite eyewitness accounts by Western diplomats and journalists.

In fact, the unusually large number of deaths from starvation in Ukraine was reported by a number of foreign journalists, while conversely others, most notably Walter Duranty of the The New York Times accepted the rhetoric and supported the Soviet lie that the number of deaths were minimal and due to a natural catastrophe.

Proof of the truth about the HOLODOMOR is well documented and analyzed by renowned Sovietologist Robert Conquest in his work The Harvest of Sorrow. A work intensely powerful and compelling — despite the fact that it preceded the fall of USSR and subsequent opening of sealed historical archives exposing the gruesome facts about the genocide - the Holodomor and the lies of Stalin and his murderous regime. The facts about what occurred in Ukraine from 1932-33 confirm the execution of a Stalin endorsed, Soviet planned purposeful and ruthless policy for the liquidation of the farming class - the primary base of the Ukrainian nation and the core of resistance to Soviet rule...
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