Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A talk from St. Vlad's St. Ambrose Society

St Ambrose barring Theodosius I from Milan Cathedral.
This talk given at St. Vladimir's Seminary made me swell with pride. It was skillfully delivered, touched on all the points I would have thought pertinent, and the arguments were built up in a convincing way. Every seminary should have a St. Ambrose Society and this is a point I hope to make at the next Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement meeting.

Orthodox clergy need to be able to converse intelligently about the abortion issue. The two "sides" of the argument are, in the years after Roe vs. Wade, labyrinthine in complexity and populated with innumerable minotaurs waiting in corners to leap on you if you attempt to navigate your way out without being sufficiently prepared beforehand.The seminarians have done themselves and the Church at large a great service in forming this society. They should be commended and their efforts duplicated wherever possible. Please do listen to the talk embedded below.

(AFR) - Ian Jones, a graduate of St. Vladimir's Seminary and a doctoral candidate at Fordham University, speaks to the St. Ambrose Society, the pro-life group at St. Vlad's, following a screening of the film It's a Girl, which is about sex-selection abortion.

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