Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Brethren

(YouTube) - THE BRETHREN is a documentary about the monks of the world's northernmost monastery -- the Trifonov Pechengsky monastery located in Kolsky Peninsula, Russia. It was Russia's Northern outpost a few centuries ago. Later it was destroyed and abolished, and now it is being restored. The brethren of this monastery is small: 4 hieromonks and 2 monks. They are young, and every one of them has had his personal way to monastic ordination. All their life stories are nontrivial and even paradoxical. They are attempting not only to restore the buildings of the monastery but to build a temple in their hearts. The film features unique footage of inner life of the monastery.


  1. thank you for letting me participate in your life, if only for a brief moment, the truth is there always, it is here always and i'm grateful to know your hearts are where they need to be and that our triune God is helping your place to grow and prosper for our sake. irene koronas

  2. Had to look at a map - they are indeed remote! Excellent movie - should win an Oscar!