Sunday, August 25, 2013

Priest starts biker's procession in Irkutsk

( - Four years ago in Irkutsk was the first procession on motorcycles. It was initiated by the abbot of St. Alexander Nevsky Church Father Mark.

Then the father, Mark did not dare to sit behind the wheel in a cassock "iron horse" and would prefer to be a passenger. But later still bought the bike and became a full member of the biker movement in Irkutsk.

"The Insider" priest

The one who often looks at the Alexander Nevsky church, motorcycles at the main entrance is surprised. Under a plaque "In Memory of motorcyclists killed" women discuss their problems in life, not paying attention to them passing by men in leather vests and bandanas. Father Mark says that lovers of bikes come in here often. Someone comes for advice, someone in the case - to get married or baptize children.

A few years ago, parishioner - the architect of ice at the Cathedral of the Epiphany of the town and the actor Vadim Semenov bought a motorcycle. Then the prior Mark realized that amateur ride with the wind is formed, mature, accomplished people. After all, for transportation and is not cheap, and it is more difficult to exploit than a car. And he offered Semenov think about Irkutsk to organize a procession on bikes. After a couple of days in the temple of the chairmen of the two motorcycle clubs came and offered their assistance in the unusual event.

- Bishop of Irkutsk and Angarsk Vadim looked at the whole thing, and then asked me for a long time. I said that from childhood on a motorcycle, the category is. And he blessed us. The first two years in the religious processions he even blessed the technique and served as a prayer - says Fr Mark.

The event in 2009 was a success, at least 100 motorcyclists ride through the city under the church banners. Since then, without the blessing of the minister of the Alexander Nevsky church does not open any biker season, and on the Day of Remembrance of motorcyclists in October in a church memorial service is held.

Despite the fact that people are used to seeing priests to help the sick and the poor, the father, Mark does not see anything unusual about his lesson.

- Someone is working with drug addicts, some in areas serves someone helps orphans. The options are many. In any walk of life should be "their" priest - said our hero.
And about the conventional wisdom that bikers - people with frivolous way of life, the abbot answered briefly: "For the Church, too, there are many myths and prejudices."

God's work

Over a lifetime, his father Mark had two motorcycles, "Minsk" in childhood and "Kawasaki" now.

- This type motorcycle "chopper". It is designed for a beautiful ride: slowly and with dignity. In the garb it looks best. In general, the most that neither is a priestly appliances - laughing abbot.

Regrets only that the time for "careless" driving through the city just does not. The work of the priest, so that it is most convenient to travel by bus: constantly need to transport something or someone.

The fact that colleagues can somehow resent the passion motorcycles, Father Mark does not exclude the other. Not to mention, if even the ministers of the house no-no and will express dissatisfaction.

- Yes, some are of the opinion that it is not pleasing to God. Then I suggest to them to justify why they are for God to decide who will be saved and who is not, and the bikers are worse than they are. In this debate, and an end, because here they have nothing to say. Besides the fact that people come to the temple in different categories suggests that the church claimed that he lives a normal life, - said the priest.

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