Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Seminary teaching Home Economics

(Juicy Ecumenism) - The war on femininity takes the form of encouraging women, starting as little girls, to act as unchaste as possible. That’s supposed liberation. And, as we Christians know, it is a lie. Still, it is radical feminist philosophies that saturate Women’s studies and Gender and Sexuality programs on college campuses. Meanwhile, home economics disciplines have been phased out of existence at the university level.

The apparent lack of these character-based programs geared at women is not just a public school problem. Equally, home economics courses are largely absent from high-profile conservative Christian university course catalogs. Thankfully, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) and faculty are brazenly challenging the stigma surrounding the accreditation of homemakers.

Dr. Pat Ennis is the Distinguished Professor of Homemaking at SWBTS and author of The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook. When asked by an IRD staff member why universities no longer champion homemaking as a necessary training program, Dr. Ennis answered...
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