Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Some priestess lauds "ethically-sourced porn”

(LifeSite) - A prominent progressive pastor has said viewing pornography is just fine, especially if it is “ethically sourced porn.”

Reverend Nadia Bolz-Weber of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) heads a congregation composed of many LGBT members and which features a “Minister of Fabulousness,” according gay news site outinjersey.net. That website recently released a lengthy interview with the female pastor in which she shared some of her pro-LGBT and pro-pornography opinions.

Consumption of pornography should not be shamed

“I refused to pick the low-hanging ‘Moral Outrage Fruit’ of Liberals and Conservatives about porn,” said the tattooed pastor. “Now, there are issues of justice and exploitation within the porn industry, no question, but it doesn’t mean consumption of pornography should be shamed.”

“There is ethically sourced porn,” continued the Colorado pastor. “There are people who say it’s sexual immorality, but if you take Liberals and Conservatives who show outrage and made a Venn diagram of those who consume pornography, you’d see a huge overlap.”

“I’m not going to shame people when they already feel ashamed,” declared Bolz-Weber, who claims, “If we took shame out of the fact that people like to view erotic imagery, the compulsive behavior around consuming pornography would decrease.” Let's take the shame out of drinking and driving, gluttony, theft. I mean people already feel bad so judging them doesn't help. What malarky. Shame has a value and it certainly does in the context of destroying the proper seat of sexuality - the marital embrace - and replacing it with young girls and and women who have already been scarred by sexual abuse. 

Insists the ‘teachings of the church’ are the problem

“If the teachings of the church are harming people, then we need to rethink those teachings,” said Bolz-Weber.

“The church is saying that the Creator of the Universe, God in the heavens above, knows if you’re masturbating, and God is super disappointed. How ridiculous. That causes harm because these teachings are done in God’s name,” she said. Or, it's not ridiculous at all. He might very well be disappointed in you for the choices you make. 

Rev. Bolz-Weber’s soon-to-be-published book is titled Shameless: the Sexual Reformation. She says it calls out “harm that’s been done to people as a result of what the church has taught them about sex, body, and gender.” She explains:

You can draw a straight f***ing line from what people were told in church and the harm in their lives. The book explores that.

I’m also instigating an art project where women mail me their purity rings. They’ll be melted into a sculpture of a vagina.


Exposing the ELCA, a website which is critical of the teachings and pastoral practices of the Lutheran sub-denomination, identifies Bolz-Weber as its most famous pastor, author, and speaker, noting that she was chosen to speak to 31,000 ELCA teenagers at a summer youth conference.

“This is false teaching and people need to get out from under their leadership,” declares Exposing the ELCA.

“And things are even going to get worse,” continues the report. “With the approaching release of Nadia’s new book, you can be assured that this is just the beginning of troubling and Bible-defying teaching ELCA leaders and members will consume.”


  1. All the more reason to require baptism for Protestant converts. Especially those coming from churches with that kind of "pastor". A pious Ukrainian woman told me last week that we are seeing the last days. I fear she may be right.

  2. Organic porn
    Fair-trade porn
    Shade-grown porn

    1. Don't forget rainforest certified porn and anti-cis-hetero-patriarchal porn

  3. It amazes me to no end that some Catholic and Orthodox bishops still engage in "ecumenical dialogue" with such psychos.

    1. Can you imagine how awkward those meetings must be?