Saturday, September 18, 2021

Abbot Tryphon and Ancient Faith have a public falling out

Ancient Faith responded through its Chief Content Officer, Fr. Andrew S. Damick, via tweet:

The blog seems to be completely gone:

And here is an explanation of sorts:


  1. Odd, I stopped reading Abbot Tryphon when he went to bat for Fr. Robert Arida and his views about homosexuality (incredulously denied by him and Met. Tikhon) published on the OCA youth blog.

    Turns out he is a self professed Orthodox Integrationalist of the Traditionalist/conservative flavor?!? I would not have thunk it. In any case he talks about "our country" and "our culture" as if he is not aware that it is post-Christian and that battle has been lost long ago. I suspect Fr. Andrew is right to enforce policy/discipline here...

  2. Fr. Tryphon deleted the posting at top after a few minutes.

  3. A fuller statement:

    1. You must comment on the world. Especially now for those who have eyes to see.

  4. The worst possible thing for Fr Tryphon would be the expectation that he live in his monastery like an actual monk and unplug the internet. He wouldn't "need" a new Toyota or fawning followers. Fat chance.