Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Attention bakers and baxters! The Heavenly Gift is out!

If you don't already own something from New Rome Press, you may not be aware of the quality not only of the content but also of the construction of their books. They are all quite sturdy and beautiful (requirements for a book of this type for sure). I'm going to be ordering copies for my parish bakers and expect this book to be a standard tome in many church libraries rather soon. Currently, I send them a PDF or print off some instructions for them. How nice will it be to give them a seal, this book, and a blessing to get them started?

A more complete review will be forthcoming after I have used it.

(New Rome Press) - The Heavenly Gift: The Art of Liturgical Bread-Making is much more than a recipe guide for prosphoro and artoclasia. It brings to light the joy and unique privilege of preparing and offering liturgical bread for the celebration of the Immaculate Mysteries through a concise study of its history, meaning, purpose, and preparation. The reader will also find stories about saints and everyday people who have been touched by God and man in their participation in and preparation of the eucharistic offering. 

This book also includes helpful photographic aids of the entire process of preparation, as well as helpful tips about relevant tools and equipment to aid the reader in mastering process of the ancient method of using natural starter for the preparation of prosphoro.

This beautifully sewn hardcover book includes decorative endpapers, two ribbon markers, and a Pantone painted edge. The text of the Heavenly Gift has been offset printed in full color on 120gsm white paper, and on 157gsm art paper for the photographic aids.


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