Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Jordanville loses accreditation

It was wonderful hearing that Jordanville had expanded their academic offering to provide a Master of Divinity program to the existing undergraduate degree. In addition they received accreditation. The cost has always been reasonable and the immersive experience (for those up for it) has formed many men seeking the priesthood. Sadly, it seems Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary lost its accreditation recently and is working to have it restored.

My experience with accrediting bodies (specifically SACS) is that they do not move quickly. They think in terms of six-month blocks and years and not months or weeks, so I would be surprised if this got rectified in 2023.

For added context, about half of the seminaries serving Orthodox students in North America do not have ATS or regional accreditation. But for those students who rely on loans (or receive grants), loss of this status can make continued attendance difficult.

An update will be posted when available.

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  1. We have St. Vlad's, St. Tikhons, St. Heans, St. Savas, Holy Cross, St. Sophia's, St. Andrews, Christ the Savior plus many more. All operate on a thread and do not possess the critical mass needed to really maintain competitive excellence. Additionally we do not even have our own university unlike many other denominations here in the USA. We need to see the handwriting on the wall we need to become part of the fabric of America and to unify. Ethnic politics are a relic of the past.