Monday, May 13, 2024

Metropolitan Theoliptos (Fenerlis) of Konya : “The Ordination Of Deaconess Is A Disgrace!”

(Romfea translated by Helleniscope) - I was very surprised to read on the internet that a metropolitan of the second-throne Patriarchate of Alexandria ordained a deaconess in distant Zimbabwe.

Arbitrarily, an Orthodox Church went ahead and restored an old institution that has languished since the 3rd century AD.

Indeed, in the first three centuries there was in the Church the institution of deaconesses, who at that time performed the duties of newcomers in the Church and mainly helped in the baptisms of women and did social work.

After the 3rd century AD, when infant baptism was introduced in the Church, the institution of deaconesses was weakened.

Over time, of course, various forms were introduced into the Church, other institutions according to the needs of each era.

Today, for example, we have charitable fraternities in our parishes. Who have undertaken the social work of the Church.

We have infant baptism. So deaconesses are not needed. Do we need them in the Orthodox Church? Of course not.

This institution may not have been officially abolished, but from the 3rd century until the 21st century, I think centuries passed and it no longer exists in our Church.

So it is not in our tradition, even if some say it existed.

Something that has not existed for 19 centuries cannot be restored, saying that it once existed.

Then perhaps there was a need for this institution. Today, after 19 centuries, we do not need it.

Orthodoxy faces so many problems today, it is attacked from everywhere, it is divided, and instead of trying to solve these problems, we are concerned with restoring an institution that was effectively abolished 19 centuries ago.

What is it, if it is not regression? The Orthodox Church is progressive and adapts to the demands of the times.

It never comes back! If the supporters of this institution think they are progressive, they are deep in the night.

The other issue is the method of ordination of deaconesses, which has nothing to do with what happened in Zimbabwe.

Let them open books and be taught the way of ordination. This ordination that took place is the humiliation to the highest degree of the ordination of Deacons. I am very sorry to have to write them so bluntly.

But this is the truth. All that is left for us now is to ordain, like the Anglicans, women priests and bishops and to have the president of the republic of each state as the head of the so-called Church, just as they have their king today.

To appoint the Patriarch or the High Priests, without elections.

Woe to our martyred Orthodoxy in what times it lives. Signs of the times. We stand well, we stand with fear.


  1. I'm astonished, I didn't think there was a bishop anywhere in the Ecumenical Patriarchate that had the fortitude to preach Orthodoxy.

    Usually when such bishops dare to "speak up" they are banished to some non-existent See in Turkey.

    Seeing how Metropolitan Theoliptos already oversees such a See, maybe this protects him.

    At any rate, axios! He speaks the truth.