Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to seminary

Seminary is back in full swing. Much has changed and yet much is the same with many of the same professors though the courses are of course different. I'm particularly happy to have Canon Law - being nicknamed Mr. Akribeia by fellow seminarians there might be some unhealthy reason behind that.

The snow has started falling, which, for a Texan, is a strange new world. The kids have something called "ski club," the family dog is none too happy about frosty morning walks, and sweatshirt or jacket is a requirement more than a fashion statement. We're settling into our new parish family. Today the children bloated themselves on Jordan water.

So I again ask for your prayers as my short Winter Break shore leave has ended and I embark on another semester of study. My wife certainly needs prayers as time spent in classes is time spent away from the family. So if you would, prayers for my beloved Svetlana as she balances home and our brood.

Christ is Baptized in the Jordan!

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  1. It is hard for me to imagine people living without snow. I hope you & your family get the opportunity to enjoy tabogganing or sleding on a nice big hill. And ice skating too hopefully outdoors. The trick is to dress warm: especially a warm hat, golves and socks.