Thursday, January 26, 2012

It''ll Get Worse

(Salvo Magazine) - Many brainwashed Christian kids aren’t getting a clear picture of what their lives will be like as openly conservative religious adults. They don’t fully realize that their objections and concerns will be shouted down and that they’ll be ridiculed and bullied in the public square—called hater and bigot and anti-science no matter what they say or do. So let’s show them what their parents’ lives are like now, so they know what the future has in store for them if they remain Christians.

::: THE PLEDGE :::

No one deserves to be respected for having a Christian point of view or any other perspective that doesn’t fully embrace the gay ideology and abortion rights. To this end, I pledge to squash any religious ideas in children by giving them a taste of the public shaming and vitriol they will receive as God-fearing adults. I’ll shout down anyone who tries to stand up for traditional morals at school and at work—and I’ll encourage my friends, family, and neighbors to do the same. I’ll provide hopelessness to religiously minded youth by letting them know at a young age that “It’ll Get Worse.”


  1. I'm confused. What exactly is the campaign?

  2. It's satire? Salvo's site calls it a "fake ad."

  3. This ad is mocking the efforts to combat suicide among gay teenagers.

    1. It's doing no such thing. It's repurposing a social meme. This is neither the first or last use.