Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life-term prisoners take monatic vows

What a wonderful story. There is also some great work being done in the prisons of the US by our seminaries and parishes.

( - Twelve convicts of the Vinnitsa prison sentenced for life decided to take monastic vows, the Segodnya Ukrainian paper reports.

Today, 12 novices and two monks live in the monastery on the territory of the prison.

After 20 years in prison, life prisoners can ask for mercy, but perhaps, monks will have more chances to be released.

The morning of one monk - life imprisoned Andrey Chistyakov starts with 40 kneels and prayer. "For ten years I read works of the holy fathers for six-eight hours a day. I could have never had so much time as I have here in prison, even in the monastery," the prisoner said.

The Penitentiary Service of Ukraine says there have never been cases when life prisoners massively took monastic vows before.

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