Thursday, January 19, 2012

ROCOR in danger of losing NYC headquarters

New York, January 19 (Interfax) - The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad strive to preserve ownership of its headquarters on Park Avenue in New York City.

ROCOR is facing a financial crisis that can result in losing the building.

As was noted in a statement posted on the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad website, in order for the Synod of Bishops to continue to own the complex it needs significant financing for urgently-needed capital renovation, continued financial support to cover maintenance costs, and a significant increase in annual revenue to fill a severe administrative budget gap.

"The need for a thriving, efficient administrative center, wherever it is located, has grown since ROCOR now participates in the life of the entire Orthodox Christian World," the statement reads.

The document informs that ROCOR Synod has been running $450-$500 thousand annual deficits in recent years.

"The Synod Chancery is aware of the need of the Cathedral worshipers in New York to continue their liturgical life should selling the buildings be the only viable option," the statement says.

ROCOR states that "the urgency of the situation leaves little time to find a resolution."

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  1. It shows their priorities when most of their parish priests can't make a salary large enough to support a family but they will work hard to keep headquarters on Park Avenue. Half a million dollar deficit a year for what? The problem is they, like the Federal govt, don't have the sense to live below their means and consider themselves of deserving better than the average person. Sounds like someone ought to just reread the Gospels already.