Friday, February 3, 2012

Journey into Orthodox Alaska


  1. To see this project completed, funding is needed. You can donate via Kickstarter here -

  2. This looks wonderful! Thank you

  3. I had a chance to meet Fr. Michael Nicolai when I was giving a talk at St. Herman's Seminary. He's absolutely awesome.
    What I really hope the documentary gets into is the work of the seminary library, where they have preserved the Native Language grammar books that were banned by the US government. Daria, the Russian librarian, has been working with the local Aluutiq community, who have forgotten Cyrillic, in translating the works they are finding in the seminary collection. Native Aluutiqs were 90% literate at the time of US acquisition of Alaska... in their local language, Russian, and Slavonic! All done with local schools using books printed for them in Moscow and St. Petersburg.