Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old Believers forum hosted in Rubtsovo, Russia

(ROCOR) - A round-table for Old-Rite parish rectors was hosted at Moscow’s 20th International Nativity Readings event, held at the Patriarchal Center for Old Russian Liturgical Tradition at Pokrov Church in Rubtsovo in January, 2012.

Fifteen clergymen participated in this forum. The Secretary of the Committee on Old Rite Parishes and Cooperation with the Old Rite, Fr Ioann Miroliubov, led the round-table. The focus of the group was the draft by-laws for Old-Rite parishes within the Moscow Patriarchate. This draft, however, was incomplete and was therefore was not adopted. The only point that may be included in this new draft relates to the right of Old-Rite communities to elect their own candidates for priesthood (in addition to matters pertaining to the use of old editions of service books used under the first five Patriarchs). The main achievement of this round-table was the decision to organize an Old-Rite conference on the 100th anniversary of the first such event.

Remaining unresolved was the question of establishing an episcopal cathedra responsible for ministering to the Old-Rite parishes within the Moscow Patriarchate.

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