Sunday, February 12, 2012

Theological Presuppositions of the Orthodox Iconographer

From the blog Lessons from a Monastery, a worthwhile read.

The Theological Presuppositions of the Orthodox Iconographer: With a Foundation in the Canons of the Stoglav Council (Moscow, 1551)

Why I chose this topic:

For years I have been interested in the theology of icons, and in particular the role the iconographer has in conveying the Orthodox faith and life in Christ through holy icons. Learning of professor Demetrios Tselingidis doctoral work on the theology of icons, Εικονολογικές Μελέτες (Studies in Iconology) Ι was eager to study with him. Thankfully he was willing to take me on as yet one more Master’s student.

When compared to the “old countries” the art of iconography is still relatively new in North America. Thus, I was inspired to work on a theme that has particular significance for the new generation of North American iconographers in the Church today. With the help of my advisor, and with a basis in the local Russian council the Stoglav Sobor (Moscow, 1551), I have compiled a basic manual for contemporary iconographers, though by no means limited to our times only. The presuppositions of the iconographer outlined in this work will be applicable for as long as someone wishes to paint theology, the faith of our Church, which has and will remain unchanged...

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