Monday, April 16, 2012

From Pithless Thoughts: The Paschal Greeting Geek-o-Meter

Hu'ta' QISt! Hu'bejta'! taHbej peplu'ta'!


  1. I fully support the use of Klingon as a liturgical language. A few parishioners were less than enthusiastic about my translation into Texan for last Sunday's bulletin - "Christ is Risen Y'all! Darn right He's done risen!" (Note to self - humor should be used judiciously in a church bulletin.)

  2. My Klingon is a bit rusty (but seriously I once had Klingon language software for my PC), what is the phonetic pronunciation?

  3. Hu'ta' QISt! Hu'bejta'! taHbej peplu'ta'!
    I must be an OrthoGeek since I had already posted this on my Facebook page after Paschal Liturgy in the week hours of the morning (about 3 am).

  4. I thought the Texan response was, "Yup."

  5. Phonetically:
    Hu'ta' QISt! [χuʔ.taʔ q͡χɪʂt]
    Hu'bejta'! [χuʔ.bed͡ʒ.taʔ]

    You can hear it at