Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Join the Young Adult Monastery Pilgrimage!

All the important information can be found on the Young Adult Monastery Pilgrimage Facebook page.

(FB) - Let's get together for a fun, enriching, and spiritually beneficial road trip/pilgrimage from Northeast PA to Upstate NY! We're trying to get a sense of numbers, and of how many people may be interested.

As a pilgrimage, there will be important and heartfelt conversations with spiritual mentors, quiet moments of prayer, and peaceful contemplation at 4 beautiful American monasteries. As a service trip, there will be a lot of hard work to help out at the monasteries we will visit. And like any good summer road trip, there will be fun times on the road, frisbee and soccer wherever there is grass, and bonfires and music during the cool summer nights.


Saturday, May 26
Arrival at St. Tikhon’s Monastery
Tour of Monastery
Clean-up Projects

Sunday, May 27
Liturgy at St. John the Baptist in Mayfield
Combined Youth Hike from Mayfield to St. Tikhon's! (~3 hours)

Monday, May 28
Combined Youth/Seminary Choirs sing Divine Liturgy
Clean up afternoon/evening

Tuesday, May 29
Head out on road!
Arrival at Holy Protection Monastery, settle in
Tour of Monastery/Help Monastery with Clean-up
Continue Projects in afternoon
Free Time

Wednesday, May 30
Early Services/Breakfast
Continue working on projects
Lunch/Discussion with Abbess
Projects in afternoon
Head out on Road to St. Nektarios Monastery

Thursday, May 31
Early Services
Breakfast/Tour of Monastery
Start clean-up projects
Lunch/Discussion with Abbot
Continue projects in afternoon
Soccer game

Friday, June 1
Early Services
Wrap up projects in morning
Head out on road toward Jordanville
Lunch/Discussion in Jordanville
Tour of Monastery
Begin clean-up projects in afternoon
Soccer/Bonfire at Otsego Lake

Saturday, June 2
Early services
Clean-up projects
Lunch/Discussion with Fr. Cyprian
Free Time
Confession/Preparation for Communion
All-Night Vigil

Sunday, June 3
Divine Liturgy
Pentecost Vespers
Feast-day Trapeza
Final Group Discussion and Picture
Farewells until Next Year!


  1. Oh this is just fabulous! These are the kinds of things we should be encouraging young people to get involved in. I especially like that it says "4 beautiful American monasteries", not Greek and Russian.
    Thanks for posting this!

  2. The Young Adult Monastery Pilgrimage from Northwest Pennsylvania to upstate New York will be a priceless spiritual experience for America's youth.

    Young people should certainly attend this pilgrimage, if they can.