Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Assembly of Bishops committee chairs to meet this month

We'll see which model the assembly chooses to use on providing an update after this meeting. Will it be a perfunctory listing of people who showed up with a reference to the joy they have at being together or will it be a "meaty" report with details and future plans.

(AOB) - Since much of the work of the Assembly of Bishops falls within the purview of its thirteen committees, the success of these committees is essential for the success of the Assembly as a whole. Therefore, the Secretariat’s Coordinator for Committees, Bishop Maxim, is organizing a face-to-face meeting of the Assembly’s thirteen committee chairmen, scheduled to meet on May 30. The chairmen will gather for the day at the Metropolia Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, where they will be hosted by Archbishop Antony, who currently serves as the Assembly’s Treasurer and the chairman of the Committee for Financial Affairs.

This historic meeting will include a dozen bishops as well as most of the committee liaisons from the Secretariat. In the instances where a committee has yet to meet, it is hoped that this will help its chairman organize an initial meeting and so begin to address the goals outlined in the committee’s Terms of Reference. In those instances where committees have already begun meeting, this gathering will allow the chairmen to share the concerns and difficulties with which they have met and to find common ways of addressing them.

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