Friday, May 11, 2012

OCA issues lengthy post-synodal notes

This is how it should be done, people - lots of information with explanations for decisions where appropriate. Photo gallery available here.

(OCA) - Holy Dormition of the Mother of God here provided the setting for the Spring Session of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America May 7-10, 2012.

In addition to reviewing a variety of matters affecting the life of the Church, the hierarchs participated in the daily cycle of services at the monastery, including the Divine Liturgy, which provided an essential spiritual dimension to their undertakings. They also visited the Ascension of the Lord Monastery, Clinton, MI, and the Vatra, the headquarters of the OCA’s Romanian Episcopate, Grass Lake, MI.

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, presided at the opening Divine Liturgy and the sessions. In his address to his fellow hierarchs, he offered a comprehensive overview of his activities and ministries. The members of the Holy Synod also approved his travel schedule, as presented.

Highlights of the session include the following...
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  1. Sounds like an interesting and constructive meeting. Several items stood out but two I think are worth noting...

    In response to questions of a pastoral nature vis-à-vis non-Chalcedonian Christians, the members of the Holy Synod reaffirmed that they are received into the Church through the sacraments of Confession and Communion. However, should they later return to their own Church, they no longer would be admitted to communion in the Orthodox Church.

    That's good to know. There seems to be some considerable confusion among jurisdictions on this subject. At least one is reported to commune the non-Chalcedonians on a no questions asked basis.

    In response to a proposal of Metropolitan Jonah, diocesan bishops with five years’ tenure will be elevated to the dignity of Archbishop. Hence, His Grace, Bishop Nikon; His Grace, Bishop TIkhon; His Grace, Bishop Benjamin; and His Grace, Bishop Alejo were congratulated on their elevations. Statements will be issued to their respective dioceses concerning this decision.

    This seems odd. Five years is now all that's required to turn a bishop into an archbishop? How many archbishops does a jurisdiction with probably less than 100,000 people need before people start chuckling at pretensions?

  2. John, I wish I got a "bigger hat" just for showing up for work (sometimes) for 5 years. How about something more like a little sticker on their pectoral cross with a "number of years of service" like they do at Quik Trip until they earn a title change? But then I guess we don't make the rules, we can only point out the Emperor's new clothes. Sigh.

  3. SP
    In the Navy we got hash marks on our dress uniform sleeve for every four years of honorable service. That and a nice certificate from the Met with maybe a $10 gift card for the local ice cream joint I think would be about right.