Saturday, July 21, 2012

Building up the Church in Thailand

I post this for two main reason. One is to highlight the efforts being made by the Russian Church in Thailand. The other is that projects like this often take many twists and turns until eventually we see the construction and final product. It's a joy to follow the process from start to satisfying finish.

(ROC-Thailand) - Discussions were held in Bangkok to review the draft design for the construction of a new Orthodox church of St. Nicholas, archbishop of Myra in Lycia, the Wonderworker along with an administrative center.

The future Temple is a type of «church marquee», which is crowned with five gold domes. With dimensions of 18 by 18 meters, it will be 27 m in hight. Above the entrance to the temple there will be a bell. In the basement are rooms for business needs. Also, a few meters from the temple will be a baptistery chapel.

A two-story office building will house the Representation of the Russian Orthodox Church and the head office of the Foundation of the Orthodox Church in Thailand. The ground floor will have a reception room and work rooms, while the second floor will have living quarters.

The designs provide parking for up to 10 vehicles. The complex is surrounded by a brick wall. The proposed project will now come under the review of the Supreme Authority.

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