Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Start reading the Bible to your kids!

From the blog The Sounding, a post entitled "Challenge to Orthodox Parents: Start Reading the Bible with your Kids" is reposted below. This story is not a surprise to me at all. I've been involved with Sunday School teaching for years now and the blank stares I get when I have asked even the most basic question have been cause for much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

At our house we've made a game of it. I read a few chapters and then ask questions about what I've read. They get points for correct answers. What was Abraham called before he was called Abraham? What sign did God give Noah of the new covenant with mankind? How was Eve made? The children don't seem to care if the points turn into anything material, they just like the competition of it all.

Commit to reading just a story a week to your kids. If the idea of explaining stories to your children seems daunting, start by listening to the Let Us Attend podcast on the way to church or on the way home from Liturgy. It's a good primer for children of all ages and will start meaningful conversations.

“So, how many of you guys read the Bible at home?” I asked a Sunday school class full of 4th-6th grade kids about a year ago.

About ten pairs of eyes stared back at me, totally blank.

“You guys don’t read the Bible at home…?”

More blank stares.


That was an enlightening experience. Here we are, the one true church, and our kids aren’t learning the stories of the early Christians who went before them. Their lives aren’t being touched by the daily reminders and wisdom of proverbs and comfort of the psalms. Instead of reading the daily reading, they’re playing video games and watching TV. Not exactly spiritual fulfillment.

I am guilty of this as a parent myself. I get busy and life gets in the way. I forget to set aside a few minutes in silence and set my day right with scripture and prayer. As a result, my kids don’t get that either...

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