Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Classes start at San Francisco-based Orthodox institute

Archimandrite Irenei is a gifted lecturer and an accomplished scholar. Under his guidance, I expect this program to flourish.

(Cyril and Athansius Institute) - The first cohort of students on the Institute's new Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning - including students from six U.S. states and as far afield as Shanghai - has begun their learning with the mid-September start to teaching on the first Certificate Program module of study: CS01 - Foundations in Orthodox History and Praxis.

As the first complete course of study offered by the recently founded Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Institute for Orthdox Studies, the Certificate Program by Distance Learning provides the opportunity to engage in in-depth study of Orthodox history, practice, theology and life to individuals in a broad variety of locations and personal contexts: whether at home or on site, in a monastery or other location; whether in addition to other studies, or as an opportunity to add a focused course of Orthodox learning to life and work at a job, in a family, in a parish or in many other contexts.

The first module of study (of eight total modules), Foundations in Orthodox Life and Praxis, introduces students to the diverse richness of Orthodoxy in her earliest generations: from the Apostolic Pentecost through the Apologists. Beginning with a lecture on the many questions associated with early Church studies, the module traces out key contours in early Orthodoxy - including the Jewish roots of the Church, the nature of Pentecostal spirit and mission, the early origins of the Church's conciliar nature, unity in ministry and martyrdom, and a host of other themes.

The Distance Learning basis of the program means that students, from their own locations and at their own paces of study, engage in materials through audio and video lectures, slide presentations, interactive on-line classes, one-on-one real-time video conferencing tutorials, forum discussions, journals, and a host of other interactive means. (A sample of the Institute's audio lecture format can be experienced here.)

If you've been wondering whether now might be the time to add a course of Orthodox studies to your life, work and spiritual development, join the first cohort of Certificate Program Students today and begin exploring the life of the earliest Church, as it relates to Orthodox faith and practice today.

Click here for more information, and to enroll on-line in only minutes.


  1. Which jurisdiction is this institute associated with? I see the "Orthodox Church in North America" mentioned. Is that some new jurisdiction? Is the Institute accredited?

  2. Fr. Irinei is in ROCOR. The address of the Institute I believe is at the house where St. John Maximovitch had the orphanage.