Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eucharistic vessels in wood

(Orthodox Arts Journal) - Recently I had the chance of making a wooden chalice and diskos set for a priest. It was quite an interesting undertaking as it required a woodturner, a silversmith and myself to bring the whole thing together. Interestingly enough, the order for this set came as I was working on another wooden chalice, making stone roundels for a chalice designed by Andrew Gould of New World Byzantine. Wooden chalices were at one point quite common in Russian villages, where they were often painted with icons. Andrew’s design captures the simplicity of these chalices while adding a touch of bold sophistication. In my own design I opted for some ornamentation carved into the wood and a longer shape for the cup as I was recycling an already existing silver cup rather than designing it from scratch. It is fascinating to look at both designs to see how the same concept can yield such different final impressions...
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  1. Is there an Orthodox canon similar to the Catholic one that requires the vessels to be made of precious materials? I ask because of the silver inside of the (exquisitely beautiful) wooden chalice.

  2. Wow, those are beautiful. Thank you!

  3. CJ, yes, there is such a canon hence the silver. These are absolutely exquisite.