Wednesday, September 19, 2012

From The Sounding...

From the blog The Sounding...

‎"When a priest hands a censer back to an altar server, he hands it back with the chain held in his fist, palm down and the back of his hand up so that the altar server can kiss his hand as he takes the censer back. But, this was only the second Sunday that this 8-year-old had served, and the very first time that he was receiving the censer back from the priest. He froze; he did not remember what to do. So, he improvised. He looked at my fist and gave me a fist bump..."

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  1. That is absolutely hilarious.

    The Sub-Deacon at the Antiochian church I visit is very conscientious about doing this every single time, while I've never seen the OCA altar boys do it. From your experience, is this a jurisdictional thing?

    1. Almost every parish I have been to of every jurisdiction does it. Every OCA parish I have visited save one or maybe two did it when I was there.