Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orthodox Christian Laity on unity in America

I find myself in agreement with much of what they have to say. This fact will not be new to anyone who has seen my at times jaundiced editorials on the state of Orthodox unity in America. One line from the video struck me (I paraphrase): "We are seeking Orthodox unity not Orthodox uniformity." A fine, but important distinction that might assuage the belief that future unity means no more Serbian slavas, Greek basil, or Russian asceticism.

Not having 6 versions of the same organization makes quite a bit of sense. Not being able to shop around for the most relaxed catechumenate program, laxest dispensation process for the non-Orthodox person you want to marry, or most liberal acceptance of medically-assisted (if morally sketchy) procreation techniques is a good thing.

History tells me that I will receive an email from a secretary or hierarch saying good work is being done by the Assembly. As I have, and will continue to respond, it is very difficult to see as someone "not in the room." Whether that is a failure of faith and patience on my part, a problem of public relations within the Assembly's dissemination process, or actually reflective of glacial movement only time will tell.

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