Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple no! The Cross is the way to go!

H/T: OCP News

An odd axe to grind. I don't mind the glowing apple on my laptop, though, when I do think about it, I remember how easy it is to eat of the fruits from the wrong tree as I wind my way through the global cyber-orchard.

(XBit) - Radical orthodox Christians from Russia remove Apple logotype from the company's products and put a cross sign instead of them. The orthodox find the half-bitten apple logotype anti-Christian and insulting their belief, something that may potentially cause serious problems for Apple's products in the country.

Interfax news-agency reports about "several" cases, where the radical orthodox, including priests, swapped the Apple logo for an image of the cross, the symbol of Jesus Christ. According to the ultra-radical orthodox activists, the bitten apple symbolizes the original sin of Adam and Eve and is generally anti-Christian. It is unknown whether the radical orthodox consider the logotype as insulting, but it looks like they do.

At present, the Russian parliament is considering a set of laws designed to "to defend citizens' religious feelings and national and spiritual values from blasphemy and insult". Considering the ongoing radical orthodox Christian hysteria in the Russian Federation, which began earlier this year, and the will of authorities to assist the confession that openly supported presidential candidate Vladimir Putin early in 2012, Apple may run into problems in the country. If the laws pass the presidential clan-controlled parliament (which is highly-likely), the ultra-radical orthodox activists may accuse Apple of anti-religious deeds, which may in the worst-case scenario halt sales of Apple products in Russia.

It is interesting to note that Apple's first logo, designed by Ron Wayne, depicted Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. However, the logo was quickly replaced by Rob Janoff's "bitten" "rainbow Apple" silhuette that was used from late 1976 to 1998. The monochrome "bitten" Apple logo was used from 1998 to 2003, when it was replaced by glass-themed Apple logotype.

It is interesting to note that from 1976 to 2012 no influential Christian organization has accused Apple of anti-Christian propaganda with the bitten apple silhouette.


  1. O felix culpa . . .

  2. Since when did "ultra" and "radical" become the most appropriate adjectives for the zealous? Seems in the last year this phrasing has been applied ad nauseam of certain Jews in Israel whose values don't sync with contemporary Western values.

    For what it's worth, we Americans may do well to reconsider the ease with which we passively broadcast our buying habits, advertising for companies for free with our t-shirts, jackets, etc., regardless of said companies' record of ethics (nod to Apple on this one).

    Isn't there something a little gnostic about the passivity of this practice? Is it ridiculous of me to wonder aloud how long before we see individuals getting product logos tattooed on their bodies out of nostalgia, or even for lucre?

  3. oceanorchestra, What do you mean "how long before we see individuals getting product logos tattooed on their bodies . . .even for lucre."? Didn't you see all that tape on Olympic athletes bodies a month or so ago? What do you think the Olympic rules required them to cover up? So many of them were advertising for their sponsors in exactly this fashion!