Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do visit "Worthwhile Sermons"

You might enjoy, as I have done, the new website Worthwhile Sermons which began operation last month. It describes itself as:

Worthwhile Sermons brings you sermons that are worth your while. Here you can find insightful, articulate and well-delivered sermons that open up the Scriptures, encourage the faithful, guide those who are seeking, call to repentance those who have gone astray, soften the hearts of those grown cold and apathetic, invigorate the lethargic, and chasten the negligent.

(Worthwhile Sermons) - The Wedding Garment. Fr. Alexander Tefft

Feast of the Beheading of St John the Baptist. August 29, 2010

Matthew 22:1–14; Mark 6:14–30

‘Repent! Change the way you think!’ Such were the shouts of a man dressed in rags who plunged sinners in the waters of the Jordan River. St. John the Baptist, with his leather and camel’s-hair garments, hardly resembles someone dressed for a wedding. What exactly was the wedding garment for lack of which the man in the Lord’s parable was thrust out of the party? This garment is a burning desire for the Kingdom of God, a yearning like the Baptist’s. This desire is much more than a merely ‘conservative’ nostalgia for the Christian society of yesteryear. Orthodox Christianity is unchanging, truly traditional, and yet more radical than any revolution of this world. One is prepared for the Wedding when one is ready to allow the divine Fire to burn up everything that stands in the way of the Kingdom of God. (via St. Botolph’s Church, London)

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