Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCA Synodal decision on Bp. Matthias' sexual misconduct


  1. UGH.

    This has been a bad year for the OCA.

  2. Where are the texts/emails? I want to see them. I bet this has been blown WAY out proportion.

    1. Alexander, I thought that might be the case as well but for better or for worse published the full texts of those messages and e-mails. You can see the article yourself here and make your own decision. I found the texts to be very suspicious if not downright creepy. Make your own decision based on the evidence though:

  3. Monomokhos posted the texts more than a week ago.

  4. One can see where favor lies. They just pushed +JONAH out!

  5. "Saint Basil the Great once defrocked a priest because he committed adultery. After many years, this priest was at a funeral. He approached the casket and touched the dead man and the dead man rose. He went to Basil and said to him, “Do you need a greater sign than this of the holiness that I have acquired in order to send me back to my flock?” Basil replied, “Your holiness is between you and God, but I cannot return you to your flock because you scandalized them. It is not right for you to go to them again.”

    Who will give us the like of Basil the Great so that we feel that the group we are a part of is truly the Church of Christ?" (Metropolitan Georges Khodr,

    Of course, I'm not sure the same autocephalous local church coming down hard on one hierarch for what he might have meant and done can do so without acknowledging its wink and a nod approach to its first two Metrpolitans and their scandalous (past?) actions. Even if such intimations are not true, the image of Metropolitan and 'long-time companion' living next door to monastery and seminary is itself scandalous, as has been the long-time silence regarding it. Same with now repentent clerics who went off for a gay marriage ceremony before returning to serve at a sunny climed Cathedral and rooming with a 'retired' bishop.

    At a certain point, economia and pastoral discretion become little more than code words for 'I do what I want when it's convenient to me' - which simply asks the faithful to make it less and less convenient, and thus the rise of agitating camps in said autocephalous local church.