Monday, March 18, 2013

A video on the bright line of division

I'll leave the odd flute music to the side before I go further, but let me say that the very reason Pat. Sviatoslav believes the new Pope of Rome will be ecumenical is the very same reason the Orthodox (especially the Slav) Churches are not coming to the table. Regardless of your take on the Eastern Catholic Churches, one must admit that they are a point of contention between the two sides; the bridge-building theory has not fared the test of time well. The Major Archbishop (so named in no small part as to not cause further issues by calling him a Patriarch even if he enjoys almost all the same powers and responsibilities) will be joined with representatives of the OCA (Met. Tikhon), Constantinople (Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew), Moscow (Met. Hilarion), and other Orthodox hierarchs.

Some see this as ludicrous elbow rubbing with heretics while others see it as another step towards unity. Time will tell.

Returning to the flute music I am forced to ask why in the world would they use it? Given a millennia of musical resources to choose from both East and West, a flute solo seems better suited to.. well... anything else.

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  1. The flute music is being played on the Quena, a traditional musical instrument from the Andes.

    As for the rest of the video, I remain guardedly hopeful for better relations between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches as a result of Pope Francis.