Friday, March 29, 2013

OCMC in "urgent" need of your help

(OCMC) - The older we get, the more grateful we become for the gifts our parents have passed on to us. That which we may barely comprehend when we are children can become the very rock that sees us through life’s greatest trials or the source of life’s greatest joys when we get older. So it is with the Orthodox faith - the greatest gift that parents can impart on their children.

From July 19 to August 1, 2013, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) is sending a team comprised of Orthodox families from North America to offer parent workshops, children’s programs, family activities and ministry outreach to Albanian church leaders and their families. Three to four families are still needed to serve on this team that will strengthen and encourage Orthodox Christians in a country that is predominantly non-Christian.

Another immediate need is for support staff to participate on the short-term mission team scheduled to offer healthcare in Uganda from May 29 to June 12, 2013. Two to three nurses, pharmacists, medical students, or those interested in providing much needed health services as a witness to their Orthodox faith are desperately needed for this team.

Those able to share and teach the faith are also needed for teams serving in Kenya and Tanzania in July and August. These are profound opportunities to share Orthodox Christianity with our African brothers and sisters who may be new to the faith.

Like our parents, we have an opportunity to pass on the gift of Orthodoxy to our spiritual children around the world. This gift can see many of them to a life of peace and joy in Christ. For more information, or to apply for a team, visit here, call Teams Director Andrew Lekos at 1-877-GO-FORTH, or e-mail the OCMC’s Teams Department at

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