Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OCN responds to sacrilegious SNL skit

(OCN) - The Orthodox Christian Network has asked for a public apology from NBC for airing an offensive skit which depicted Jesus as a revenge seeking serial killer. The skit was shockingly indecent and demonstrated a blatant disregard to the feelings of millions of Christians who would most obviously be sickened by the sacrilegious content of the material.

Christians are urged to take immediate action by sending NBC an email reinforcing the demand for an apology. Click on the link below and Take Action Now.

Here to Take Action Now and Demand a Public Apology.


  1. If we really beleive we are the Church, then it can definitely be said that it is on our account that God's Name is blasphemed among the nations. Master, forgive us and our poor witness to Your Name.

  2. Really? What are millions of Christians doing watching the trash that is now SLN anyway? And why even have a link to this clip on your site if it's so offensive? Wouldn't the best course simply be to ignore it and go about our business of doing good instead of trying to work up a self-righteous indignation?