Friday, April 26, 2013

Origen's neologism: Christ "supergladdens" the heart

From the Poulos Blog, a post on a word created by Origen. A portion reposted below with a small editorial adjustment.

As I transcribe Origen’s first homily on Ps. 76, I continue to find interesting bits. For instance, in the section I transcribed today, Origen coins a new word to describe the gladness that the presence of the Lord brings. Just prior, he has been discussing the line Ps. 76:4 (77:3 by Hebrew numbering), “I remembered God and was gladdened.” (The verse reads differently in the Hebrew apparently, at least judging from our English translations). He discusses presence and absence, and how memory is required only for those absent: you can, after all, see someone who is present before you. This creates a small difficulty: if remembering God gladdens the heart, what does God’s presence do? Origen responds by creating a new word:

If the remembrance of God gladdens the heart, what does his presence do to the one who perceives it? Shall I create a word for it? It supergladdens (ὑπερευφραίνει) the heart...

Complete article here.

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