Monday, April 29, 2013

Pascha for soldiers in Afghanistan

(St. George's Orthodox Military Association) - For all of you who have been asking about a Orthodox Chaplain in Afghanistan for Sunday Divine Liturgy and for PASCHA here you go:

"I will begin holding services weekly at Bagram Air Base at Enduring Freedom Chapel -- in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. So please let everyone know on Saint George's Military Association that Fr. George (Hill) is back in the stan and will be celebrating my 4th, yes 4th, Paschal Liturgy there in the stan. They can have weekly Divine Liturgy at BAF."

So, as of today there is an Orthodox Chaplain at Bagram in Afghanistan! If you make arrangements now with your command you will be able to attend Pascha at Bagram! Don't delay and spread the word -- we here at Saint George Orthodox Military Association know how much our Orthodox Chaplains want to serve the Orthodox and all those who are interested in Orthodox Christianity but many Orthodox seem to take a vacation from Holy Orthodoxy while they are away from family . . . be different and make this year different!

This is the time to change YOUR LIFE! Wouldn't it be great to be able to say that you "survived Pascha at Bagram!"

We hope and pray the Lord shows all of you Orthodox in the military and all you dependents and all you folks interested in joining Holy Orthodoxy -- how many people are praying for you! You are all loved in Christ as our dear brethren +

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