Friday, May 17, 2013

Chinese Christians see the Bible for the first time

Percentage of children in my Sunday school classes over the years that read the Bible at home ever... maybe 5%.

(YouTube) - Footage of the reaction of the Chinese Christians after seeing a Bible for the first time. Share this video to awaken the church and make them value the freedom that we take for granted.

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  1. wonderful video.
    We have a long-time friend who has been a translator in Papua-New Guinea for 30+ yrs. He and his wife have had the blessing to translate the Bible for three unreached people groups in that time (thanks to great developments in technology). We've seen the photos from when the new Bibles come to the village. It is as if the Arc of the Covenant has come to them carried on a bier ( with processions, blessings, all day festivities, the whole thing). Very humbling.