Friday, June 7, 2013

On "Modest is Hottest"

From the blog Bad Catholic, a post on the rather odd phrase "Modest is Hottest" that is making the rounds now. We as Christians seem to want to baptize modern ideas and phrases into something we can use to attract or confirm people in their faith. I've always thought that the Church was attractive in it's "otherness" more than in how it can drape itself in the modern milieu. If people want pop-culture/modernity the world can do a much better job than the Church can. I will warn you that the complete article has some colorful phrases.

I’ll keep this short.

Every time a Christian says “modest is hottest,” a puppy jumps off a bridge, dies, and is run over by truck while second graders watch. (Which I really wouldn’t care about, except that it gives godawful evolutionary biologists an excuse to pretend that willful suicide is a beneficial evolutionary trait unspecific to the human race.) That a phrase rhymes does not make it a truism — I can “snooze” and not “lose,” “fake it” and never “make it” — and this is especially true of the overwhelmingly whack aggregation of words that comprise our current topic, words I double-damn as (a) not really rhyming unless you mispronounce “hottest” and (b) not being true...

Complete article here.

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