Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Met. Hilarion: the West is trending towards dictatorships

Moscow, July 24 (Interfax) - Modern Western states move to absolute dictatorship, head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion believes.

"Nowadays state sets a principle of secularity, independency from any outside authority that is authorized to point out to violations of morals or rights," the metropolitan writes in his article published in the Pravoslavnaya Beseda magazine.

People are declared the only source of authority in a democratic state, and people should realize this authority through free will of citizens participating in elections and referendums.

"Free will of citizens is a preconditioned, not absolute characteristic of a democratic state. For example, two European states - the Great Britain and France - have recently legalized unisex marriages. For comparably short time, after the parliament approved this law, France has become a stage for protest demonstrations with millions of people participating. However, the state consciously and demonstratively ignored demands of people and used tear gas to disperse them," the author of the article says.

According to him, "secularization in disguise of democratization" released "colossal energy of subordination to power" in European states.

"This powerful energy today strives to finally break with Christianity, which controlled its totalitarian impulses during seventeen centuries. Eventually, it unconsciously strives to set up an absolute dictatorship that demands total control over each member of society. Don't we move to it when "for the sake of security" we agree to obligatory electronic passports, dactyloscopy for everyone, and photo cameras occurring everywhere? All these things can be easily used in other purposes that can also be interpreted as "strengthening security measures," Metropolitan Hilarion notes.

He believes that latest developments in the world is "constituent restoration of Pax Romana, global international supremacy." The metropolitan also says that if Roman authorities were in certain periods indifferent to immorality, today they strive to make "immorality normal."

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