Friday, September 27, 2013

The "Reformed" Orthodox Church in Lansing, New York

(Lansing Star) - The Reformed Orthodox Christian Church celebrated its first anniversary Sunday with a lunch at Saint George Orthodox Church on Myers Heights. The congregation had a lot to celebrate. After 50 years with no assigned priest, the The Reformed Orthodox Christian Church reopened the historic church for regular Sunday services just over a year ago. Priest Matthew Binkewicz (link to earlier story on his efforts) and parishioners have done a lot of work on the building since then, and today it stands as a restored gem of Lansing's past and present.

The church was founded by Syrian immigrants who worked at the Cayuga Lake Salt Company. The plant, located below the church on Salt Point, was begun in 1891 to produce table salt using a deep well process. When it opened the plant had 100 employees. The company provided housing, and around the late 1920s the church was built to accomodate the immigrants who worked there.

The plant finally closed after a fire in 1962, and the community dwindled. With fewer worshipers the Orthodox Church stopped sending a priest, but the Divine Liturgy service was held at the church once a year. Occasional weddings and other events were also celebrated there since the '60s.

Last August that changed when the Reformed Orthodox Christian Church began holding services there. A spin-off of the Orthodox Church, Binkewicz says this congregation is an inclusive church whereby Roman Catholic, Protestants and other Orthodox Christians are welcome to worship and receive Holy Communion.


  1. When I followed the Lansing Star link, the article was quite different and didn't include quotes about this being "Reformed" or a "spin-off". I'm interested because I think I knew the priest in former days. Has the article you quote been pulled and replaced?? Thanks.
    John B.

  2. Sorry, regarding previous post I think I found my answer. The link in the article here was to an older Star article. I found the one you cite using a web search.

  3. Looks like we could add this site to all the others...

  4. This is in Lansing, New York, not Lansing, Michigan.

    1. Fixed it. I have the same problem with Paris, France and Paris, Texas. :)

  5. I think it was a typo. Should read "Deformed Orthodox Church".