Monday, November 18, 2013

St. Sophia Seminary restarting weekend classes

(UOC-USA) - Want to learn more about God’s plan for this world? Want to find out how He has worked through Ukrainian history and culture to bring believers to sainthood and salvation? Then this program is for you!

Classes in this three-year program meet one weekend a month throughout the Fall and Winter/Spring semesters and for one week of residency in the Summer.

The primary purpose of this program is to provide men and women who have a graduate degree in theology from somewhere other than St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary with an educational experience that will allow them to better serve the parishes and people of the UOC-USA. However, you are all welcome to apply and you do not need to have any previous theological training to benefit! In fact, this program is appropriate for everyone who wants to learn more about the unique history, spirituality, and liturgical traditions of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church!

Students who already have an advanced degree in theology that complete this program will graduate with a Master’s degree in Divinity; those who complete this program but have no other theological degree will be awarded a Licentiate in Divinity.

This is the same program that used to be called the “post-diaconal program” for late vocations. Whereas the St. Sophia’s Distance Learning program (set to start in Fall, 2014) and other pre-approved substitutes (e.g. the Antiochian St. Stephen’s Program) satisfy the educational requirements for the diaconate, this program provides the additional coursework necessary to satisfy the educational requirements for the priesthood. It must be noted that no program ever guarantees ordination to any rank.

Classes start in January! Contact V. Rev. Bazyl Zawierucha (Provost, Academic Dean) at for more information and to receive an application.

Additional information: Two courses are offered each semester; each course is three semester hours; each semester hour costs $100.

Winter/Spring semester courses: “The History of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church I” will be taught by Rev. Dn. Mychail Sawarynski; “Ecclesiastical Art and Architecture” will be taught by V. Rev. Bazyl Zawierucha. Additional instruction in Ukrainian Orthodox liturgics will be provided in conjunction with Vespers on Saturday evening and Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning.

Winter/Spring semester details: Classes will meet at Holy Assumption parish in Northampton, PA from Friday @ 3PM - Sunday @ 1PM. Housing will be arranged. Students will be responsible for paying for their own meals. Course dates are: 1/24-26, 2/21-23, 3/21-23, 4/25-27, & 5/16-18.

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  1. Not a good idea in my books. Living in a seminary residence allows for the church to discern character. Plus, I think the idea of daily prayer twice a day in the chapel is necessary for spiritual development for people who are going to serve the church. I can see this type of education for lay people who want to take courses for their own personal development but NOT for future priests and church workers. In Russia & Ukraine the Orthodox seminaries even have live-in programmes for women who want to be choir directors and cantors.