Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When the Church apologized

My wife holds a special devotion to St. Nektarios and so he features highly in the prayer life of our family. What many do not know is how persecuted he was throughout his life. It was truly atrocious and a heartbreaking read for anyone who takes the time to do so. The below outlines the circumstances surrounding the much deserved apology from the Patriarchate of Alexandria. From the blog Out of Egypt:

On the 15th of September in the year 1998 the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria sent out an apology. Here is what they wrote:
“The Holy Spirit has enlightened the gathered members of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa, under the leadership of H.B. Petros VII, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa, more than a century since Saint Nektarios, the great Teacher and Father of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Church was expelled from the Church of Alexandria, to reach the following decision:

Taking into account the resolution of the Church to rank Saint Nektarios amongst the saints because of his innumerable miracles and his acceptance within the religious conscience of Orthodox Christians throughout the world, we appeal to the mercy of the ever-charitable God. We hereby restore the ecclesiastical order of the Saint of our Century, Saint Nektarios, and grant to him all due credits and honors. We beseech Saint Nektarios to forgive both us, unworthy as we are, and our predecessors, our brothers of the Throne of Alexandria, for opposition to the Saint and for all which, due to human weakness or error, our Holy Father, Bishop of Pentapolis, Saint Nektarios, suffered.”

-PETROS VII Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa.
What led to this apology? Let’s find out…

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