Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hic, haec, hoc... hunc

Note: Originally posted in early 2014, I'm going to keep bringing this post back to the forefront. It's a fun post that needs to keep rising to the top.

Often in conversation (or even in print on occasion) I run into ecclesial words that people misspell. Many of the words are perfectly valid so won't get picked up by spell-checking, but aren't the right word in the context they're used in. Let's start a list and see how far we can get. Please send comments or emails and I'll add them here.

air - aer
alter - altar
angle - angel
assent - ascent
beer - bier
censor - censer
chantor - cantor
condensation - condescension
deaconate - diaconate
incensing - censing
rights - rites
savor - saviour/savior
Turkish yolk - Turkish yoke


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  2. savior - savor

    condensation - condescension

  3. This is not exactly a misspelling, but a usage thing (and one of my personal favorites because of the transposed L and M). Both of these words mean essentially "a priest's hat"

    kalimavkion (Greek)
    kamilavka (Russian)

  4. What drives me crazy is when a chanter mispronounces well known Biblical names, turning Job into "jobb" for instance.

  5. ascension - accession

  6. Immorality vs. immortality
    censor vs. censer

  7. Commit - commend ("ourselves, one another, and all our lives to Christ our God.")

  8. May we all savor our Saviour forever!

  9. My personal favorite:
    Cavalry - Calvary

  10. I did the condescension vs condensation thing just this last Saturday. And realized it as I did it.

  11. It always astonishes me how often I hear about the "uncircumcised God," even though we have a feast for the circumcision on 1 Jan. (uncircumscribed, uncircumscribable)

    "Blessed are you, O Lord, teach me your sta-toots." (also, "statues")

    People also are constantly chanting about the "myrrh-bearing woman," as though there were only one.

    Some people have split the difference between "brethren" and "brothers" and come up with "brothren."

  12. I've seen "ascent" and "assent" interchanged: The Ladder of Divine Assent. And there's the "tables of the law" instead of "tablets," which confuses me.

  13. Android's auto-correct and Swype have only made people appear to be dumber and mis-steaks all the more common. (mistakes...I's a poor pun...)