Thursday, March 20, 2014

Met. Silouan: Patriarchal Vicar for Antiochians in US

( - The Archdiocese communicates with a heavy heart as we struggle with the news of the falling asleep in Christ of Metropolitan Philip. May his memory be eternal!

We express our sincerest appreciation to our Father in Christ, His Beatitude Patriarch John X for his pastoral care and love. His Beatitude was in continual contact with us, and with Metropolitan Philip during his hospital stay, and showed his love and concern for his spiritual children in North America. For this, we are most grateful. May the memory of Metropolitan Philip be eternal, and may God grant many years to His Beatitude Patriarch John.

The schedule for all events associated with the falling asleep of Metropolitan Philip is available here. All events will be held at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York unless another location is specified. His Beatitude Patriarch John has told us that he intends to be with us for the funeral and the Sunday Divine Liturgy.

Attached you will find letters from His Beatitude Patriarch John X, both the Arabic original (PDF) and an English translation in two parts - Letter to Archbishop Joseph (PDF); Patriarchal Decision (PDF).

Both letters appoint Metropolitan Silouan of Buenos Aires and all Argentina as the Patriarchal Vicar until such time as a new Metropolitan is elected by the Holy Synod of Antioch. The Patriarchal Vicar is responsible for the administration of the Archdiocese until a new Metropolitan is elected. Archbishop Joseph will serve as the Locum Tenens of the Archdiocese. Archbishop Joseph will arrive in New Jersey on Friday March 21, and Metropolitan Silouan will arrive on Monday March 24.

Effective immediately and until the election of a new Metropolitan, all clergy of this Archdiocese are instructed to commemorate His Beatitude John, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East during divine services as follows: Great Entrance “Our father and Patriarch John and our bishop (name), the Lord God remember them in His Kingdom always now and ever and unto ages of ages”. Also during the Great Entrance, the first name that is commemorated among the departed will be His Eminence Metropolitan Philip as follows “Our father and Metropolitan Philip”.

The remembrance of Metropolitan Philip will be done for 40 days, which ends on Sunday April 27. For the Great Ektenia “Our father and Patriarch John and our bishop (name), for the venerable priesthood, etc.”. After the Megalynarion “Among the first be mindful O Lord of our Father and Patriarch John, and our bishop (name),whom do thou grant unto thy holy churches etc.”.

There is still much to do, and many details to be worked out.

Please continue to check for further updates.

May his memory be eternal!


  1. I don't know much about these things, but why wouldn't you commemorate the patriarchal vicar or locum tenens? I thought that was the point of having them.

  2. You don't commemorate the patriarchal vicar because he's the patriarch's vicar-- that is, he's standing in on the ground representing the person of the patriarch.

  3. +Joseph will probably be Metropolitan in 36 hours.

    I'd weep for joy if it was +Anthony but I don't see that happening in this universe.

  4. In the past couple high-profile elections in the Patriarchate of Antioch-- like that of Patriarch John X and of Met. Ephrem of Tripoli-- the final choice came as a surprise to most. That may be less likely in North America, but it's becoming something of an Antiochian tradition.