Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ancient Faith putting out prayer book for mothers
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  1. I can't see a need for such a book. I am a mother, and have no interest in such a compilation. The Church has prayer books replete with everything needed for people in all walks of life. This book reminds me of the strange array of Protestant Bible versions -- one for firemen, three for teens, two for mothers, four for men, and so forth.

  2. What's next, a Women's Study Bible? oh wait...

    I agree with "A reader"... seems very unnecessary.

  3. As another mother, and convert from protestantism, I also agree. Many of the new books coming out remind me of protestantism....I have recently discovered the writings /translations of Father Seraphim Rose and St. Nikolai Velimoric (Prologue) and appreciate that they are from our more recent times but still aim to keep us in touch with Tradition.