Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pascha at the Holy Etchmiadzin


  1. With regard to the photo of Pascha in Armenia: Why are you putting the Monophysite Armenian Parasynagogue up as if it were an Orthodox Church? Many are of this opinion, but the Church's position has never changed since it anathematized the monophysites at the 4th Oecumenical Council. When you put this up as you did it as if you are saying they are Orthodox now (the Church does not teach this) and therefore you are placing yourself - following the OPINION of some - above the Church, the voice of which we will only here authentically and decidedly in Council. Not one local Church has ruled in synod that any of the monophysite/non-chalcedonian groups are Orthodox. Committees of theologians do not speak for the Church. Running ahead - or rather contrary to the Church - serves neither the heterodox, namely their union with the Church, nor the Church and Her faithful, who are only thus more confused.

  2. Two points, Father.

    The first is that this gets asked quite often. I usually point to the blog's summary as a response:

    "Discussions of Eastern Christianity, often with a Byzantine flavor. Posts on the Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic, and even the occasional church of the West."

    The second is that a picture is not an endorsement. I've posted pictures of the Armenian Genocide. No one thinks that is any form of recommendation. I've also posted similar things of the Copts, Ethiopians, et alii.

    Lastly, what has been said in the official Orthodox-Oriental Orthodox dialogue on the topic of how monophysite the Armenians are. You might be surprised.

    Restoring the Unity in Faith: The Orthodox-Oriental Orthodox Theological Dialogue: An Introduction with Texts -