Tuesday, April 22, 2014

St. Vlad's jumps over last hurdle for new D.Min. program

If you've contacted St. Vlad's in the past about this program (as I have) and not gotten much of a response, it looks like they are now on a more firm footing and ready to take applicants.

(SVOTS) - St. Vladimir's Seminary is now accepting applications from priests, chaplains, and other professionals in ministry who want to earn an accredited Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree, through a new hybrid program that combines online coursework with on-campus intensive training. In the coming months the seminary administration will begin reviewing applications to admit 15 students into the first cohort of the new program, set to commence fall semester 2014. There also will be an on-campus orientation this summer.

The Association for Theological School (ATS) approved the hybrid D.Min. program in fall 2012, and more recently, on March 21, 2014, the State of New York's Office of College and University Evaluation also granted its approval. Additionally, The Danilchick Family Endowment for Pastoral Studies, a fund set up by The Rev. Protodeacon Peter M. Danilchick and his wife, Tanya, will help support qualified D.Min. students with their tuition, through need-based scholarships...
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