Friday, May 30, 2014

You know you're in a Ukrainian church when...

…they integrate a tryzub (тризуб or trident) into the parish murals.


  1. One can see the Tryzub on the walls at St. Tikhon monastery Church in South Canaan.

    Look at the border under the "All of Creation Rejoices in Thee" icon in the first picture here:

    1. I've been seated right where that woman is seated and never noticed. Thanks.

  2. The Tryzub is a Symbol of the Grand Duchy of Kyivan Rus`, an East-Slaviv State on the terrytory of the present-day States of Ukraine, Belarus and parts of Russia, who accepted Christianity from Constantinopel and was baptised under Saint Volodymyr, Grand Duke of Kyiv 1000 years ago.Up to our days the Tryzub is the unifying Symbol of the Christian Ukrainian Nation.

  3. My wife & I recently attended a wedding in a Presbyterian Church: guess what the flag of Scotland was displayed. And there were bagpipes. So what's the problem?????