Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Institute for Orthodox Thought & Culture at Eastern U.

(Eastern University) - Eastern University and a group of Orthodox clergy, laity, and academics propose an Institute for Orthodox Thought and Culture. The Institute will serve as an intellectual and spiritual home for Orthodox students and scholars, exploring the Greek, Arabic, and Slavic Orthodox traditions through their literature, thought, philosophy, theology, history, art, and music.

The Institute will offer a minor in Orthodox thought and culture, taught within the broader context of a Christ-centered education in the arts and sciences. A program unlike anything else in the country, the Institute will work with Eastern University's existing academic structures, providing students a vibrant university experience at an accredited and stable institution with a strong Orthodox component, an interdisciplinary program with broad appeal to all Eastern Christians.

The Institute will also provide the introductory courses that fulfill some of Eastern's general education curriculum, in particular the Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology courses. The Institute will work closely with the Templeton Honors College, so that eligible students can receive a Great Books education, complete a minor in Orthodox Thought and Culture, and finish the major or pre-professional program of their choice.

More information available as a brochure here (PDF).


  1. Greek, Arabic and Slavic traditions? What about the Romanian tradition?

  2. Never having heard of this school, I located and went to their website. One must hope that the school administration will waive subscription to their very Protestant statement of faith!