Monday, August 18, 2014

Enthronement of Met. Onufry, primate of Ukrainian Church


  1. The representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate was fully robed and planned to take part & then disrobed in a huff and DID NOT concelebrate. There are 2 versions of the story goinground round: 1) he refused to concelebrate with the Metr. of the OCA because the EP does not recognise the autocephaly of the OCA. This does not make sense because hierarchy of the EP I am sure have concelebrated with the OCA haven't they? 2) the reason given in this story:

  2. no that is true....the EP does not recognize the OCA because of the OCA's claim to be the first and most "universal" north american orthodox church...what bothered me is that this edtition chopped up the most beautiful part of the Divine Liturgy, the Cherubic Hymn! - it doesn't take long at all, and it amounts to a grotesgue censoring of the most heavenly part of the music in Divine Liturgy!